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How to get M3U lsit or Add MAG and Enigma 2 Devices

1. Press on BUY NOW button to buy your desired subscription

2. If you are using a MAG Device enter its MAC address in the field, otherwise for M3U leave it BLANK and click Continue

3. On the next step click Checkout

If you already have an account click Already registered, if not - first Register in the website

5. Assuming you DON'T HAVE REGISTRATION, go to Account -> Register and enter the details bellow (First name, Last name, email address, Country and password twice)

6. Now you must select your prefered Payment method and click Complete order

Your order information will be displayed with order number. Click Continue To Client Area

Click on Services to see your active services (subscriptions)

9. Here you can see a lsit of your payed services and their Status. Click on the STATUS to see details

10. You have 2 options:

- IPTV Service Details button gives you detailed information about your subscription.

- Devices - gives you playlist options for your devices